Beginner Ski Lesson – How to put ski boots on

Beginner Ski Lesson – How to put ski boots on!

Ski Boots can be a challenge to put on for a beginner. Don’t worry! Watch the video how to put ski boots on and ski in comfort. With a beginner ski lesson from Siegi Tours you will have a guaranteed success!


Skiing is a wonderful sport and everyone who enjoys it needs to start with the first ski trip! Siegi Tours knows exactly what it takes to get you on the slopes. We can advise you on the right slopes, accommodation and all the extras to suit you, so you can make the most of your holiday and skiing like a professional before you know it!

We want everyone to love skiing as much as we do, that is why we have created our LEARN TO SKI HOLIDAY PACKAGE to provide great value for beginner skiers. The Siegi Tours ski packages include everything you need for your holiday – all under one price! Best Price Guarantee.

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